Money Maker

How can you get rich through debt?
And how can you get rid of debt when you have too much?

In Money Maker yo become rich by invent banking and creating new money out of debt. Money Maker is a push-your-luck auctioning boardgame set in 17th century Amsterdam.

The third edition is live on Kickstarter now and is already 100% funded and awarded with a project we love batch. Come and back us on Kickstarter!
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How you play Money Maker

Everyone plays a banker. It is your goal to become the richest banker of them all. You become rich through investing on credit. Luckily, you have no limit to how much credit you can invest. But be careful of the turns of fate, a bankrun means that your credit is due!

Every round you play like this:

  • Bid against your friends to acquire valuable companies.
  • The highest bidder is allowed to invest in the company using their bank credit.
  • The companies you invest in create products.
  • Sell the products to the markets, to earn money.
  • Repay (a portion) of your credit to be able to increase your leverage

But be careful! The more credit is introduced into the economy, the more instable the economy becomes. If you cause a financial panic, a bankrun happens when your credit is due. If you cannot repay then, you may need bailout from your competitors. Who will not bail you our for free...

The third improved edition of Money Maker is now available on Kickstarter.

Many great reviews we love & Kickstarter too

The reviewers love it. You will too

Perfect luck and strategy balance, Never made the game feel unfair.
Very interesting concept!
No clear winner until the end.
Helping each other with fantasy money... Ecactly how the real world works!
The way it simply shows how money & credit works makes this a good game.
Very amusing snowball effects.
Add it to your regular game nights!
Supports 6 players with ease in a short time.
Will strengthen your friendships.

Money Maker explains hidden societal fundamentals

People who love creating money

Its one of the best games me and my friends have ever played. You guys re-created "Settlers of Catan" but with a more sophisticated mechanism and dedicated explanation of our monetary system.
Kevin (25)Physicist
Playing the game was an entirely new experience to me. I find the monetary system confusing and cluttered. The game gave me an insight in the mechanics of the monetary system in a fun and joyful way.
Cecilia (27)Chemist
Through this game I finally understood that the system I live in is just a game and the ones brave enough to gamble, will be the ones that win... After playing I see through the banking system.
Helene (27)Teacher

What's in the box?

The game is made up of:

bank vaults (to your money safe), coins, credit, goods, markets, cards with investment opportunities, "chance" cards, special dice, the game board, manual & lore book.

Game impressions

The board visualises the city of Amsterdam with its canals. The city visualizes the flow of credit through an economy as well as functions as a playful balance sheet.

The canals function credit ratings. Every player starts in the outer ring. When bankers successfully pay off their credit, they upgrade to higher rating levels where they can take larger risks!

Money Maker is now available