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Explanation Video's (EN)

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This weekend the members of the International Movement for Monetary Reform gathered in our city of Utrecht for their yearly conference. It was an honour and a privilege to be in the presence of like-minded people.

Organisations that were present included:

COMER (Canada), Monetative (Germany), Positive Money UKPositive Money EUPositiva PengarAmerican Monetary Institute (VS), Ons Geld (NL), Gode Penge(DM), Monnaie Juste (FR), Dinero Positivo (SP).

This is a series of five videos that explain how Money Maker is played in simple terms

The first

First up is unboxing! What do you find inside the Money Maker box? Lets open it up and find out!

Once you have opened up the box, it is time to set up the pieces. In this short video we prepare the game for playing.

Now lets get playing! But how do you start? In this easy video, we guide you through the first turn.

Making Money is lots of fun! Prices are flying through the roof and credit is spread everywhere across the board. But all credit is due in due time. Are you able to fulfill all of your promissory notes? This video explains how the bank run is resolved.

The last bank run has been had, and now the time comes to tally the score and see who has created the most money.